Zombie Run

This app is fun. I’m a serious zombie fanboy. With Zombies, Run! You can base your running and sprint training not only on the motivation of staying fit but also on the terrifying, fear inducing sound of zombies chasing after you. Along with this go numerous sudden instructions for how to dodge, make turns and move faster suddenly; only adding to the exercise value and horror.

The first few times I used it six months ago I found it limited for anything more than a fun run. Or even a recovery day.

Now with the latest update I may give it another try. Will let you know how it goes.


This simple and easy to use app that lets you make the most of your daily runs by letting you track your progress with GPS, gather metrics on how fast your running was, how it compared to previous runs and also count the amount of calories burnt by your exercise. You can also use RunKeeper for cycling and hiking or walking.

My problem is with the controls. I’ve found them less than easy on the run. And the info is pretty little for a serious runner.